Hi gang, At last…..yeeeehaaa!!! We have lift-off!!! Loose Muse has entered the Blogosphere, with it’s own dedicated website, Facebook page and Twitter feed (and probably all sorts of other things I don’t know about), thanks to my chum and fellow-writer Dzifa Benson, who has nagged me senseless and made sure I don’t cry when it all gets too much for me.

To say I’ve been running around like a headless chicken for the past month is an understatement, and anyone who thinks that producing an anthology containing the work of 34 women writers is a piece of cake needs taking in hand. But, although it’s been incredibly hard work, the result is so, so worth it.

We’re launching the first ever Loose Muse Anthology of New Work by Women Writers on 29th February, at the Whitechapel Art Gallery, and it’s going to be A-MAZING! Kick off is at 7.00 p.m. and we have 29 readers, so things are going to have to be run very tightly to fit everyone in. It’d be fab if you could be there to share what promises to be a fantastic night. I’ve already managed to sell two copies, so get yours now while stocks last. Only £7.00 on the night, £7.99 thereafter.

And when the launch becomes another fragrant episode in the balmy nights that are Loose Muse, well…I have to start all over again…because the next Loose Muse is on 14th March, and will feature poet Cath Drake and poet/playwright Claire Booker. So one way or the other I hope to see you soon, Come share the passion, share the joy,

Agnes Meadows
Host and Coordinator
Loose Muse


  1. Agnes you are a star – so much progress in so little time. The launch was amazing. Have added you to my blog roll so anyone who sees my blog can now link to yours.

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