It’s My Birthday

Very much looking forward to an informal dinner tonight with a whole bunch of my pals to celebrate my birthday. I have every intention of eating too much pizza and tiramisu (come on…it’s my birthday), and catch up with some of my favourite people. Sadly, my lovely friend Naomi Woddis won’t be able to join us as she’s still extremely poorly, but I shall certainly be thinking of her tonight.

I shall also be visiting her on Saturday, and hopefully joining in on one of her latest creative projects. As well as being a fine poet, she’s also a very competent photographer, and during the months of her confinement, when she’s been too unwell to go out into the world, she’s taken some very fine photographs of various things in her garden, and has invited various writer friends to choose one of a selection of her photos and then write a poem about them. There’s one that particularly appeals of footprints in the snow, and being of a Gothic bent, I’m thinking of something suitably creepy…will let you know how it goes. The project is called ‘Picture This’, and the link is so go take a look…it’s good stuff.

Tomorrow is Loose Muse March event, with features from poet Cath Drake (sharing some of her new performance work) and playwright/poet Claire Booker (with one of her short plays). Also on the bill as special guests are US writers/poets Adrienne Odasso and Amanda Johnson. Margaret Eddershaw was also going to join us, but she lives in Greece and is at the mercy of Athens Air Traffic controllers who are on strike (again!)….booooo!! Nevertheless it promises to be a good one, so come and join us if you fancy a night of fabulous words.

Also, don’t forget to send me a poem or very very short story so that it can go on the Loose Muse Website….or even just your comments on all things Loose Muse. I want to make the website a real platform for thought and debate. And Dzifa will slap me hard if I don’t mention the Loose Muse website address is

Come share the passion, share the joy,

Agnes Meadows



  1. Happy birthday in retrospect Agnes – hope your celebrations went well,

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