Vote for your top 10 female literary icons


Hello everyone,

Here at Loose Muse HQ we are loving the weather (albeit in the sense that it is really being brought home to us that we are 65% water, or is that 65% sweat?). In the midst of writing projects and overseeing two sparkly new free events coming up soon (see the events page), we are also planning a lovely special event to celebrate Loose Muse’s 10th anniversary.

It is going to take place of September 10 and it will involve literary cupcakes(!). If there are any bakers out there who wouldn’t mind bringing a tray of cupcakes with letters on them, that would be very much appreciated…

We would also like to make a quilt which is to have 10 squares on it, each with a short quote from a literary icon.

So, we need your votes. Here are some suggested candidates, in no particular order:

Jane Austen
George Elliot
Charlotte Bronte
Virginia Woolf
Margaret Atwood
Georgette Heyer
Doris Lessing
Maya Angelou
Harper Lee
Emily Dickinson
Silvia Plath
Carol Ann Duffy
Zadie Smith
Anne Sexton
Nadine Gordimer
Arundhati Roy
Edith Wharton
Ayn Rand
Iris Murdoch
Christina Rossetti
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
JK Rowling
Hilary Mantell
Danielle Steele (yes, we mean anyone who you think is an icon)
We would love to have your input into who should get the top 10 spots. It’s INCREDIBLY hard to choose, so we need your help.
Here is a link to some great female poets as a memory-jog  (I can never think of the names of the people I like until I see them in front of me).
Please either comment at the bottom of the page, or email or

Lots of love,

Agnes, Sara-Mae & Chikodi


  1. Help. It’s an impossible task. I want all of them. Can I throw a spanner in the works and suggest Aphra Benn? Plus I’ve got to go for Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte and Maya Angelou, too. Talk about pushing boundaries! Clairex

    • Thanks Claire, I know!! Just 10, its like choosing who to invite to your wedding and only having 10 seats. Hmmm Aphra Benn is on the long list…

  2. Very good write-up. I absolutely love this site.

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