Amazing evening at Loose Muse Summer special

We all had a fab time at the recent soiree hosted by Agnes. As we commiserated with each other on being the only losers not on holiday in August, some fabulous performers and new blood to Loose Muse made the evening a delight.

Afterwards we slurped down red wine and a promise was made by one Lauren Westwood (oh yes, we haven’t forgotten!) to bring, construct and eat a Jaffa cake and pickled onion kebab at our next official Loose Muse event (Wednesday 9 September, if you’re interested). Yes, she is a woman of the epicurean tendencies as you can tell, and, as such, a natural Loose Muser.

Take a look at these marvellous videos of the poems ’22’, ‘Fairy Tales’ and ‘The Transition’ by Natalie Moores, and ‘Romeo and Juliet on Ket’ by Charlotte Robinson.

The girls belong to another poetry group called Part-time poets and we were delighted to have them in for our lovely event.

Check them out here.

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