Commissions and Anthologies

Over the last year and the next at least, thanks to the Arts Council of England, Loose Muse will be able to commission new work twice a year, to coincide with the publication and launch of the two anthologies each year.

Loose Muse is pleased to say that the Autumn 2012 Loose Muse anthology has been commissioned and published. It is another mile-stone anthology of new writing by women, featuring the work of 34 UK and international writers.


Both anthologies feature veterans of the poetry and literature scene with formidable biographies full of publication credits and awards, while others are newcomers who are seeing their work published for the first time.  They are drawn from all over London and other parts of the UK, with a sprinkling of international writers for good measure.  Included are submissions from the USA, Holland, Greece and Singapore, all by writers who attended Loose Muse events as a feature or in the open mic slots.

Agnes says: “The Loose Muse Anthologies of New Writing by Women, are a real landmark in the life of the Loose Muse project. Over the past six years Loose Muse has grown into a unique event with a solid reputation for quality and openness.  A grant from the Arts Council of England last year enabled us to step things up, including commissioning new work and publishing two anthologies a year.”

Future Anthologies:

Commissions for future anthologies will be offered by Agnes Meadows in collaboration with members of the Editorial Group, and consequently published in the linked anthology.

January 2012 opens the door for submissions for the next one, which will be launched in July of 2012. You can therefore submit any time between the January and June Loose Muse events. However, please do remember that submissions are only open to women who attend Loose Muse. You can bring your stories, poetry, play-lets, excerpts of novels, or articles on all things literary, with you to an event, or send to Agnes Meadows by 23 June 2012.

Submission Guidelines:

Loose Muse plans to publish two anthologies a year for at least the next two years – 2011/12 and 2012/13 – with one launched in late February and one in late July of each year.

Deadlines for submissions will therefore be late December for the February anthology, and late May for the July anthology.

All submissions will be read by each member of the Editorial Group, currently Sara-Mae Tuson, Chikodi Nwaiwu, Racheal Brasier, and Agnes Meadows.

One of the aims of Loose Muse and the anthology is to give writers who have not been published before a chance to see their work in print, alongside more experienced writers. Therefore, any woman who has attended at least one event (but hopefully more) during the preceding few months can submit, particularly if you have taken part as a feature or in the Open Mic sessions. However, submissions cannot be accepted from anyone who has not attended, or if you came once over a year ago and have not been since.

For any edition, writers may submit in any genre, with the following restrictions:

  • A maximum of 3 poems – up to 50 lines
  • 1 short story – up to 1,500 words
  • 1 short play – around 1,500 words (including stage instructions)

A writer may therefore submit 3 poems, a short story and a short play for each edition, but no more, on any theme.

All work must be typed, double-line spaced, in English, the original work of the author, and not published previously in any format, including on-line magazines etc.

The Editorial Group is happy to also consider articles on subjects of interest in line with Loose Muse aims, but is not currently considering reviews.

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