Tis the season to be do-lally

She found them eventually and when she did, it wasn’t pretty…

Hi Gang,

With the year galloping headlong towards the 2013 finishing line, and Christmas a stone’s throw away, it’s the time I often get nostalgic about Christmas Past.  Now I know the whole spirit of the season is more about giving than receiving, but I couldn’t help reflecting on some of the truly atrocious pressies I’ve received in the past, making me dive head-first into the chocolate truffles and Christmas pudding with brandy butter and full-fat cream to compensate.

One of the worst had to be the year I got a box full of brown and turquoise striped stretch terri-towelling knickers 2 sizes to small….these from a man who professed to love me.  Needless to say the relationship didn’t last (tho’ that was more to do with the fact he hit me a few times before I hit him back and left!).  Another doozy was the gift from an ex-friend who refused to buy me book tokens because ‘they were too boring’, but instead got me a heart-shaped broderie anglais scatter cushion. Noooo!

My mother (God rest her soul) was supremely unimaginative in the present-buying stakes.  She often got me something she really wanted herself, which was about a million miles away from anything I might actually like.  One year it was an electric frying pan, another year a yoghurt maker, neither hitting my internal Yule Tide button.  Well, I’m so not a domestic goddess, that a kitchen appliance would never occur to me as a present to die for.  Although it fairness, I still have the electric frying pan and still sometimes use it, and think of my Mum every time I do.

She was terrible at Christmas time, always wanting to know what my brother and I had bought her, and going on and on about it for weeks.  And of course we’d tease her mercilessly, which drove her ker-razee.   It got so bad one year I got home to find her attacking the suitcase in my bedroom  with a carving knife to find the presents inside. After that, we left Mum’s gifts with the next door neighbour to make sure she didn’t do either herself or the furniture lasting damage.  Bless her.

Anyway, with only a couple more weeks ‘til the 25th, there’s still the December Loose Muse to look forward to and add a touch of inspiration to the Christmas Season.  It’s on the 11th, featuring Rebecca Audra Smith and Clair Dunn.  As usual it should be a good one, so hope you can make it to listen, share some of your own work in the open mic, and indulge yourself in the festive chocolate I’ve promised.

Come along and share the magic….and I hope you all have the Christmas you wish for, filled with grace and fabulous friendships.