The Spectre of Abandonment

Loose Muse Anthology Autumn 2013

Hi gang,

I am soooooo excited!! This week is going to be a truly amazing one, because I’m one of the artists involved in Lorraine Clarke’s ‘The Spectre of Abandonment’ exhibition, which opens on Tuesday 9th and runs until Sunday 14th September at Candid Arts.

All of you who’ve bought one of the Loose Muse anthologies will have seen Lorraine’s truly awesome work because she’s allowed Loose Muse to use her art work for the covers of all five anthologies. And if you’ve ever been to her studio in Tottenham, you’ll know what an extraordinary artist she is.

Anyway, a few months back she and I were talking, along with fellow writers Sue Johns and Sarah Reilly, and all agreed how much we’d like to do a collaborative project together thus ‘The Spectre of Abandonment’ exhibition was born. Sue, Sarah and I have written new poetry/prose inspired by some of Lorraine’s existing work, and Lorraine has produced new art work inspired by the poetry of us three writers. She’s also included new sculpture with her own poetry…must be hell to be so talented!!!

As Lorraine says in the exhibition’s publicity, “Spectre of Abandonment” is ‘an exhibition of installation and sculpture exploring how the art forms of fine art and poetry can interact’, and it’s alrady attracted a lot of interest which is marvelous.

We’ll be doing readings of the poetry we’ve written each day of the run, with all three of us writing at the Private View on Tuesday 9th September – open 6-9.00 p.m., readings 7-9.00 p.m. One or more of us will be reading each day between 7-9.00p.m. (I won’t be there on 10th as I’ll be hosting the Loose Muse 10th Birthday event at the Poetry Café on that day).

All of us will be reading on Saturday13th, and finally again on Sunday 14th with readings from 2-4.00 p.m. So there are lots of opportunities to come and see us all strut our stuff, and the best thing is it’s FREE so you’ve no excuse not to be there. Candid Arts is at 3-5 Torrens Street, London EC1V 1NQ, which is literally right next to Angel Tube, so it’s easy to get to. If all of this is confusing you, just look at for a full list of opening and reading times.

I’m really excited about working with such a talented bunch of women, and having had a bit of a preview of some of the pieces Sue, Sarah and Lorraine have produced as a result of our collaboration, I know the creative breadth of the work is incredible. Hopefully you’ll agree when you come along and see the end results.

See you there I hope…